What’s coming next

 Coming in 2018 “SLINGSHOT”

 A young mechanic embarks on a quest to save the world one earth-shattering event at a time when she is conscripted to join a motley team of time-travellers.

 Coming in 2018 “ESSENCES”

A young woman must collect all of the missing Muses when she is sucked into a magical painting.

If she succeeds? She wins her true love.

If she fails? The wrath of the Gods will rain down on all mankind.

No pressure.

Coming February 2018 “THE SEDUCTIVE WIDOW” 

A clever young woman, who has clawed her way up into society, has to find a way to stretch her meagre finances.

She agrees to take on a dangerous mission in France intercepting a courier service.

What she didn’t expect was that her companion, Viscount Chisholm, would be even more dangerous.

But Juliet simply cannot risk her heart.

Or can she?

The Seductive Widow – coming February 2018



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