About Me

Hi! I’m Bree Verity.

I was raised on a diet of old movies and musicals, traditional roles, good manners, sweet romance, high adventure and epic fantasy. It’s no wonder I go through life imagining myself in other places and other times.

I am owned by two gorgeous rescue dogs, Millie and Boofie. I keep it very quiet from them that I am equally a cat person. 

I hate cooking, but I’m a really good cook. Go figure. In my spare time, you can find me acting, singing and playing dress ups at my local community theatre. I love costumes – both making them and wearing them.

I’m a Perth Girl, that is, I live in Perth, Western Australia, however, my first twenty-ish years were spent living in Rural Southern Victoria. While we didn’t have a farm, we did have what they call a ‘farmlet’, which means we had goats and chickens and sometimes a horse agisted on the property, dogs and cats and birds and at one stage, a turtle. I loved growing up in that environment, only I loved the city as well, on our occasional visits.

I moved to Perth, Western Australia when I was 22, and I love this city. Perhaps because it doesn’t really have a Big Bree HoundsCity vibe, more of a Large Town one. We are separated from the rest of Australia by a four thousand kilometre (or 2500 mile) stretch of desert, which means we mostly have to create our own fun.

The stories I write are a little bit off-genre most of the time. So, I write historical romance, but it’s usually adventure based. I write time-travel, but it has touches of science fiction, adventure, romance and even a little bit of paranormal. I write contemporary romance, but my heroines are normal people, and there are no shieks, billionaires or princes.

I always have a hundred stories in my head. Luckily enough, I manage to actually write down four or five of them a year.