Massive Changes in 2018

This will be my last blog post. I’m moving my interactive social media to Facebook, where I will have groups for historical romance, fantasy/paranormal and […] Read More

How to define Utopia.

I’m writing about Utopia. The opposite of Dystopia. Where the operation of society has become perfect, everyone is healthy and happy and equal, and there […] Read More

Writing in an Accent

In several of my books, I’ve had to write characters with accents. French, Texan, Regency English – they are all different to what I actually […] Read More

Add Music Here

I love music. I love to sing, so I particularly love music I can wail along to. I’ve previously explained this in an open letter […] Read More

My New Big Project.

I should like to introduce you all to Marra James, my newest protagonist. Marra is an introvert, a mechanic and an Aries, which means she […] Read More