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Years ago, I wrote a little book called “The Twelve Trials of Social Media”. I wrote it for small business owners who were overwhelmed by what they needed to do online, to try to simplify the process and make it attainable. Recently I found it again, and read it and, while it is a little dated, the advice in there is still spot on.

That is if you are a small business owner promoting goods and services.

For a solo writer – and probably for any arts-based business – the advice is wrong. While a business owner should respond to all negative online comments, a writer definitely should not. While a business owner needs to follow a certain path to gain their online credibility, it doesn’t hold true for a writer.

And then it’s different again for a novelist. A non-fiction writer follows a different path again to a fiction writer – the non-fiction author has a different set of tools to use and exploit that the novelist doesn’t have.

So I’ve decided to write a series of posts, for the online novelist, capturing what I know about social media, and what I’ve learned in the past five years that I’ve been social media-ing as a novelist.

My hope is that the posts will be of benefit to new fiction authors as they get started on their author career and perhaps mid-career authors who might need to freshen up their online presence. Established authors (with a solid fanbase) probably don’t need a presence online, only needing a static webpage to tell people where to find their books.

The Least You Need to Do.

I’ll be concentrating on outlining the least you need to do since all novel writers know that our most precious commodity (apart from an auto-buy reader 🙂 ) is time. Writing books is a time-consuming process. So I’ll try to give you a framework for the least you can do to maintain and grow an online presence.

The posts will be presented as snippets of information – again, because time. You’re more likely to read a short post than a long one, and if a particular subject interests you, you can click through to the relevant posts (as they are written) and if it hasn’t been written, leave me a comment to tell me what you want to hear about next.

So, definitely don’t go out and buy my book The Twelve Trials of Social Media. But do sign up to this blog, so you don’t miss a thing.

Happy writing!


Bree Verity is the pen name of Bree Vreedenburgh, a qualified business coach and fiction writer who recently realised she knew A LOT about social media, and decided to share what she knows with her fellow writers.

Online Novelist

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