I suppose I brought this on myself, with my desire to get word out before the launch. 

I suppose I have created a rod for my own back.

I suppose I could have thought the thing through a whole lot better than I did, and perhaps executed it all a little bit smarter.

But I’ve gone and published The Hidden Duchess as a print book, while the e-Book lies with Passion in Print publishing.

I knew I couldn’t use their cover, or their internal file, so I created a new, different cover, and re-formatted the internal file. And I think the new cover is beautiful, and perhaps more beautiful than the e-Book cover (if I do say so myself). But I think I’ve created perhaps more problems than I’ve solved by publishing this way.

Let me explain.

First, I published prior to the launch of the e-book. Now, that in itself shouldn’t be a drama EXCEPT that in sending out Advance Reader Copies to influential bloggers, I can only give them a link to print versions that, even when the e-Book is launched on the 17th, won’t match up to the e-Book links. I’ll have to manually contact Amazon to ask them to link the two books. And honestly, I’m not a hundred percent certain they will. (Or at least not without me dragging them kicking and screaming).

Second, because I’m linking to the new print book cover, all the goodwill I built up over the previous cover I have to build up again. People are already asking “What happened to the old cover?” And the promo ‘touches’ I’d already managed to get from readers are basically null and void – the recognition is lost.

Third, I can’t match up promotions between the e-Book and other books I release, because I have no say over the pricing or promotions that the e-Book will receive. 

And fourth, I don’t know where my e-Book publisher is going to offer ARC’s (if in fact they are going to offer any at all) and so if we double up, we both look foolish.

For these reasons, I’ve decided to stick with self-publishing. I fidget over the lack of control. I worry that the publisher is going to publish my e-Book at a price that will put me out of the market. I can (obviously) design a cover that is every bit as good as the publisher, and I can format my own e-Book and print files.

And while perhaps I might not have as much time for writing as I would like, for me, that total control over every aspect is really important.