Have you Read the Seven Wishes Series?

Miss Fenella’s Fault

Fenella, a newly minted Fairy Godmother, is charged with bringing about the happily ever afters of seven regency misses.
But how can she prevail, when the young ladies refuse to do what they are told?
Miss Fenella’s Fault is available from Amazon

Miss Cheswick’s Charm

How can Fenella bring about Miss Cheswick’s happily ever after when she’s gone and gotten herself married already?
Miss Cheswick’s Charm is available from Amazon

Lady Diana’s Disguise

Disguising Lady Diana as a housemaid so she can see her suitors’ true colors turns into more of a problem than Fenella expects when she is called away on a mysterious errand by her brother.
Lady Diana’s Disguise is available from Amazon

Lady Mary’s Muddle

How can Fenella bring about Lady Mary’s happily ever after when Mary has muddled things up before Fenella even got there?
Lady Mary’s Muddle is available from Amazon.

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