About Me

Hi! I’m Bree Verity.

I was raised on a diet of old movies and musicals, traditional roles, good manners, sweet romance, high adventure and epic fantasy. It’s no wonder I go through life imagining myself in other places and other times.

I am owned by two gorgeous rescue dogs, Millie and Boofie. I keep it very quiet from them that I am equally a cat person. 

I hate cooking, but I’m a really good cook. Go figure. I love costumes – so don’t be surprised if you see me in person if I’m wearing something dramatic.

I live in Queensland on the north end of the Gold Coast, however prior to that I lived in South Australia and Western Australia, and prior to that, I lived on rural properties in Victoria. While we didn’t have a farm, we did have what they call a ‘farmlet’, which means we had goats and chickens and sometimes a horse agisted on the property, dogs and cats and birds and at one stage, a turtle. I loved growing up in that environment, only I loved the city as well, on our occasional visits.

I used to do loads of community theatre, but illness has prevented me from continuing with that, so instead, I write. 

I also run a fledgling publishing company called Bardic Books, offer Vitual Assistant services to authors who would prefer to handball their marketing, and I teach authors about social media, newsletters and writing blurbs, as well as create the odd website. I’m also immediate past President of the Romance Writers of Australia, an amazing organisation that supports both budding and mature authors through their Romance writing journeys. 

The stories I write are a little bit off-genre most of the time. So, I write historical romance, but it’s usually adventure based. I write time-travel, but it has touches of science fiction, adventure, romance and even a little bit of paranormal. I write fantasy, but it’s not epic, it’s more contained than that.

I always have a hundred stories in my head. Luckily enough, I manage to actually write down four or five of them a year. 

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