Lady Mary’s Muddle

Lady Mary has managed to muddle up her happily ever after before Fenella can even get there!
Sending the wrong Valentine’s card to each of her suitors, Mary finds herself engaged to the one she wanted to avoid, and being avoided by the one she wants to marry!
And to make matters worse, her fiance shows no sign of wanting to break off their engagement.

How will Fenella fix Lady Mary’s mess, especially when she’s got plenty of trouble of her own?

Rated PG

Available on Amazon for only $2.99.

Lady Diana’s Disguise

Poor Lady Diana is in a quandary – she cannot choose between her two suitors.
So, with a little assistance from her fairy godmother, Fenella, she disguises herself as a housemaid, to better assess their qualities, and to figure out the answer.
Subjected not only to the bad behavior of one of her suitors, but also a lesson in the treatment of those who live below stairs, Diana is ready to return to her own body.
But when Fenella goes missing, Diana is left, not wondering who she should marry, but whether she is fated to remain a housemaid forever.
Will Fenella return to save the day? And if she does, will Diana be able to make the right choice of suitor?

Rated PG

Available now from Amazon for only $2.99.

Miss Cheswick’s Charm

Can a marriage of convenience turn into love? 
Caroline does not believe so especially when her husband, Sir Theodore, is as stubbornly traditional and she herself is forward-thinking. 
With the assistance of a magical charm given to her by her fairy godmother, Fenella, Caroline hopes to, at least, change his mind about letting her administer her own fortune.
But she doesn’t expect the tendrils of affection that develop for her well-meaning husband – nor does she expect to have to track down someone intent on murdering him.
Will Caroline discover the killer before its too late to tell Theo that she loves him? And can Fenella complete her second happily ever after?

Rated PG

Available now on Amazon for only $3.99


Miss Fenella’s Fault

What can a newly-minted fairy godmother do when her charges refuse to behave as they should?

Fenella, under the watchful eye of her mentor, Lachlan, is undertaking her apprenticeship as a fairy godmother. 

Her first charge is Letty – who only wants to marry her beau, Captain James Stirling. But her father refuses to sanction the match, even going so far as to forbid Letty from seeing James at all.

How can Fenella save the day and bring about Letty and James’ happily ever after?

Rated G

Available on Amazon for only $0.99 or free with signup to my newsletter.


The Hidden Duchess

What would you give up for love?
Celeste is a Duchess in hiding.
Accused of murder and scorned by her former friends, she takes refuge in a small village with her distant cousin, Marcel.
But when revolutionary zeal is stirred up in the community, her title makes her a target.
Will she return to Paris, leaving behind a community where she has found peace, and a love like nothing she has ever known?
Or will she stay, and put everyone she loves in danger?

Rated M

The full-length novel The Hidden Duchess is available Free of Charge at most e-book stores.


The Misguided Mademoiselle

Is love enough?
Eugenie Ponnette has survived the worst of times, left only with haunting dreams of the September Massacres in Paris.
Now safely housed in London, she meets the handsome Vicomte Landreville and decides she might like to marry him.
So the practical-minded Eugenie hires an investigator to look into the Vicomte’s past, to make sure he’s right for her. To her dismay, she unearths some unsettling truths. 
But in the face of overwhelming evidence of his love for her, should Eugenie follow her head or her heart?

Rated M

With a 4.2 star average on Amazon, The Misguided Mademoiselle is available on most e-book stores for $3.99


The Ruined Lady

Is one night of passion worth the ruining of her reputation?
Lady Felicity Merrryweather believes so. Dowdy and with no fortune to speak of, Felicity decides to ask her old playmate, Quincey, Earl of Edenburgh to give her one night before she settles into a life of spinsterhood.
But she gets more than she bargained for when Quincey falls for her, breaking the one rule she made – no marriage proposals.
How can Felicity make Quincey understand she is not good for him, when her own heart is leaping at his proposal?

Rated M

With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, The Ruined Lady is available at most e-book stores for $3.99


The Scandalous Widow

Why can’t she ever find her happily ever after?
Young widow Lady Juliet Hampshire jumps at the chance to be involved in an espionage mission into France – she will do anything to avoid having to think about her dwindling finances and the necessity of catching a wealthy husband.
When she and her fellow spy, Lord Alistair Chisholm embark on an affair, both assure the other that the affair will end with the mission.
But what if Alistair is the love she has been seeking all this time?

Rated M

With 4.7 star average reviews on Amazon, The Scandalous Widow is available on most e-book stores for $3.99

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