There’s a meeting point between Regency romance and fantasy.

Regency romance, since the days of its invention by the amazing Georgette Heyer, is frothy, light and humorous, set in the times of the King Georges of England, and involves feisty, often impoverished damsels and the dukes and earls who love them. Fantasy is big and sprawling and can be anything from elves to robots, […]

Seven Wishes becomes Blackdark – and Bree turns to fantasy instead of romance.

In a strange turn of events, the Seven Wishes has morphed into a fantasy series instead of an historical romance fantasy series. From historical romance to epic fantasy. Blackdark is F’nyla’s story – the fae (previously known as Fenella). Bree says, “The writing is stronger and feels better. I had an idea for how the […]

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